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Asia Pacific Women in Leadership (APWiL)
Mentoring Program

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  • 07 Dec, 9:00 am – 10:30 am HKT
    This seminar will take an evidence-based approach to provide mentors and mentees with the tools needed to identify imposter syndrome and will provide practical examples relevant to women in positions of leadership or women aspiring to positions of leadership in higher education. Following the 60-min

"As a mentee in the APWiL Mentoring Program, I have been encouraged to lead efforts at my own university to address gender equity. Earlier this year, we organized a summit for female researchers, students, and staff with great success. With virtual participation of my mentor, Prof. Stephen Tillman, The University of Sydney, and APWiL Co-Chair, Prof. Joanna Regulska, UC Davis, we highlighted strategies to address gender equality and diversity. The connections I have built through the APRU APWiL Mentoring Program has been invaluable to me and to my university."

Dr. Azusa N. Hattori, Osaka University