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Program Processes and Policies

Evaluation Process


A formative evaluation approach will serve to inform program improvements for replicating and scaling in subsequent years. As such, key objectives for evaluation are to gather participant feedback at the end of the program as it relates to the following:

  • How well did the mentorship program meet participants’ needs (i.e. achieve articulated goals)? How might participants’ needs differ from what was planned / anticipated?

    • What worked well and not so well?

    • What challenges / barriers, new opportunities, or ancillary impacts (positive / negative) resulted from participation in the program?

  • How can the program be improved?

  • What mechanisms are most effective for monitoring implementation? 

Participant Withdrawals


If a participant withdraws from the APWiL Mentoring Program, it is the responsibility of the mentor/mentee to inform the APWiL Program Manager and Coordinator as well as their institution of the withdrawal. If the APWiL team learns of a withdrawal, they will notify the institution. Note that in the case of a withdrawal, no refund of the institutional funding will be provided. 

If a mentor/mentee withdraws within the first three months of the program, the APWiL team will do their best to re-match the remaining mentor/mentee. After the first three months of the program, rematches will not be considered. However, the remaining mentor/mentee is welcome to continue participating in program events.

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