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For Mentees

Eligibility Requirements

  • Mentees should identify as women (meaning cisgender, transgender, gender expansive, and intersex individuals who identify as women).

  • Mentees must be faculty associated with one of the participating member institutions.

  • Mentees must have an academic appointment with at least five years and a maximum seven years of experience. Post docs, graduate students, and non-academic staff are not eligible to participate at this time.

  • Mentees should be open and eager to share and learn from others.

  • Mentees should be highly motivated to improve themselves and to achieve professional success.

  • Mentees should be interested in enhancing leadership skills.

  • Mentees should be committed to driving their mentoring relationship and attending the leadership development events.

  • Mentees should be able to articulate their desired outcomes.

  • Mentees should be open to feedback and learning.

  • Mentees should have the ability to identify achievable goals and action plan within the 12­-month span of the Program.

Program Goals for Mentees

  • Develop a year-long plan to advance professional growth and leadership skills.

  • Develop a self-reflective understanding and acceptance of your unique leadership style and strengths. Gain confidence in your unique abilities as a leader.

  • Expand leadership acumen skills through training and learning from highly successful professionals outside their direct sphere of activity.

  • Build a strong and supportive network from universities across the Asia Pacific.

  • Gain insights and guidance to better tackle issues or challenges in the workplace.


Expectations of an Effective Mentee

  • Develop leadership skills to navigate the challenges women face at different stages of their careers in higher education.

  • Participate fully in the relationship with their mentor as well as workshops and actively engage in their development.

  • Listen to and accept the mentor’s comments and suggestions in a constructive manner.

  • Respect their mentor’s commitment and keep their mentor updated on developments throughout the process.

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