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Each participating institution should create an internal process for selecting candidates and submit the nomination for up to two mentors and two mentees representing their institution. Reminder that the number of mentees and mentors that you nominate should be equal. If your institution is nominating one mentee, then it should be nominating one mentor. If your institution is nominating two mentees, then it should be nominating two mentors.

Nominations should be sent to by August 13, 2021 at 5:00pm PDT. Please include the following: participant’s full name, email address and whether they are being nominated as a mentor or mentee.

Each nominee will then be asked to complete an online survey by September 10, 2021 and provide the following:


  • Professional bio (250 words).

  • Headshot.

  • A statement indicating relevant mentoring and leadership experiences as well as areas of expertise that may be relevant to a mentee as it pertains to professional development.



  • Professional bio (250 words).

  • Headshot.

  • A statement answering:

    • Why would you like to participate in the program?

    • What do you hope to learn from your mentor?

    • What are 1-2 goals you would like to accomplish during your participation in the program?

    • Which areas/topics would you like to discuss with your mentor?


Criteria for Matching Mentors and Mentees

One of our main objectives for the Mentoring Program is to create compatible and sustainable matches between individual Mentors and Mentees. To facilitate the pairing process, the Program kicks off with a survey that provides informative criteria for matchmaking.

Taking these personal preferences into account, the APWIL Core Group will then pair participants based on their fields and areas of research, regional diversity of the mentor and mentee pairs, professional and life experiences, mentee goals and mentor areas (administrative and academic) of expertise.

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